• HPE Series

    HPE Series

    The Ifloor ® HPE series has a high-density, cross-linked and amorphous cell structure. it is made of standard type polyethylene in the form of rubber and ignition, which has very high properties compared to classic stitched polyethylene products. it provides. It is possible to meet both air sound insulation and shock-resistant sound insulation between Decking with a single product with the ifloor ® HPE series. with the ifloor ® HPE series product line, proportional thermal insulation is provided, which is not found in sound-insulated/shock-insulated polyethylene/rubber products.



    The iECHO® Acoustic Baffle provides a stylish look while the ceiling panels absorb ambient noise. It is generally used to reduce ambient noise with ceiling structures in office and industrial facilities. Eliminates noise problems with a comfortable, healthy and fireproof product with acoustic fabric and glass wool filling inside. eliminates

  • Acoustic Sponge

    Acoustic Sponge

    iECHO® Acoustic Damper products with Acoustic Sponge, Viol, Pyramid or Labyrinth patterns. acoustic insulation is used to solve sound problems such as echo and hum and to improve indoor sound quality in volumes that require it. Acoustic sponges made of polyurethane are fire resistant. Acoustic Sponges are used to shorten the reverberation times of sound, they can produce a single sound. Not used for insulation. Acoustic sponge with iECHO® Barrier should be used for independent solution of both acoustic and sound insulation problems. It can be used in mechanical rooms, industrial facilities, sports centers, conferences, cinemas, theaters, living rooms, offices and residences.


  • RAVAPROOF Diamond

    RAVAPROOF Diamond

    Polymer bitumen coatings with SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) additives have increased elasticity and a long service life. They are used for all roofing and main applications. The advantages are high elasticity and long service life. Thanks to its special formula, it melts quickly and provides instant and excellent adhesion to overlapping lines and surfaces. Supported by high-strength polyester backing. High elastomer polymer additive. It has good cold-hot resistance.

  • viaSTOPER


    The combination of a special polymer-bitumen mixture with high elasticity and heat resistance and polyester with high mechanical strength results in APP modified membranes designed for bridge, viaduct, and road applications. It provides direct waterproofing under hot asphalt. The areas of use are the single-layer application under hot asphalt for waterproofing of roads, bridges, and viaducts. The advantages are a special polymer-bitumen mixture with high elasticity and heat resistance, high mechanical strength of the polyester carrier, appropriate bond strength and cutting force performance after thermal conditioning, and cold bending resistance at -10°C and temperature resistance at +120°C.

  • JoıntStoper


    RAVAPROOF jointSTOPER is a band consisting of elastomer bitumen-based polyester felt reinforced with 20 cm elastic aluminum foil in the middle, covered with polyethylene plonj on all horizontal and vertical expansion joints on the lower surface. Its features are based on high SBS-added elastomer bitumen. In the middle of the upper surface, there is a 20 cm wide elastic aluminum foil, covered with silicone-coated PP film. Its width is 50 cm and is specially prepared for expansion. The lower surface is covered with PE film. It is supported by high-strength polyester carrier.

  • StıckyStoper XL

    StıckyStoper XL

    A self-adhesive, safe waterproofing membrane prepared with a special Cross Laminated Film, equivalent to traditional waterproofing applications. It is easily peeled off with its light adhesive design. It offers high tear and impact resistance, high adhesion performance, and quick, clean, and easy application as a single layer. Save time, cost, and labor. It shows high chemical resistance in additional flexible rolls. Thanks to its special formulation with ultra-elastic, self-adhesive properties, it provides excellent and continuous adhesion to the application surface. It shows high resistance to shrinkage and impacts with the multi-layered, high-density Cross Laminated HDPE Film on the top surface.

  • StoperProof V3mm

    StoperProof V3mm

    TOPERproof V 3MM is designed for single layer continuous waterproofing applications on single-sided coated sheets. It is easily peeled off and applied. It offers high tear and impact resistance, easy and fast application in one go, saving time, cost, and labor. Thanks to its ultra-elastic, elastomer special formulation, it provides excellent and continuous adhesion to freshly poured concrete. It shows superior resistance to penetrating elements and impacts with composite polyester felt. STOPERproof V3MM facilitates the waterproofing of single-sided coated sheets.



    A safe and practical new generation waterproofing membrane system has been designed for single layer waterproofing. -Single layer -No need for concrete protection -Free laying -Easy application in one go -Save time, cost, and human labor. Thanks to its ultra-elastic, elastomer special formulation, it provides excellent and continuous adhesion to newly poured concrete. With its high-strength waterproofing, it shows superior resistance to hydrostatic pressure, penetrating elements, and heavy storage materials. STOPERproof eliminates the need for protective concrete.



    RAVAPROOF bondSTOPER is an elastomer bitumen-based membrane, reinforced with TPU and additional SBS additives, with increased elasticity ratio and extended service life, reinforced with non-woven polyester and protected with silicon sand/slate on the surface; it is a new generation waterproofing membrane with the bottom covered by a polyethylene film. It is designed to be used as a single layer in new terraces and terrace repair works.

  • RAVAPROOF MaxStoper

    RAVAPROOF MaxStoper

    RAVAPROOF MaxSTOPER, an elastomeric bitumen-based membrane, is reinforced with special polymers and cold flexibility-enhancing SBS additives (-25°C) for increased elongation and extended service life. It features a non-woven polyester fabric, coated with a top surface of silicon sand, and a bottom layer covered with a polyethylene film. This is a new generation waterproofing membrane designed to be used as a single-layer system for new terraces and terrace repair work.




    It is a thermal insulation material made from minerals and inorganic stones obtained from volcanic sulfur found in nature, which are converted into fibers when melted between 1500-1600 degrees. It is a prepared and heat insulation material consisting of 98% natural fibers.



    External thermal insulation of walls is important for maintenance and technical service, as it keeps the shell warm. This reduces costs and extends the life of the building. The external thermal insulation system prevents heat leakage because it covers the entire building, and provides comfortable living conditions with a uniform and homogenous distribution of heat.



    In some cases, it may not be possible to provide external insulation for the structure of the walls. Therefore, necessary benefits can be obtained by insulating the walls from the inside. It provides significant advantages, especially for heat structures that are rarely used or not continuous, and these structures can be heated with minimal energy consumption. Thanks to its hard surface, it provides a suitable surface for cement or plaster-based coatings and coverings (plasterboard, etc.).



    Ravatherm XPS T 300 SL is used for the construction and repair of all types of terrace roofs, floorings exposed to terrace roofs and vehicle traffic, foundation walls in contact with soil, and cold storage rooms. Thermal insulation materials used in terrace roofs and foundation walls in contact with soil are constantly exposed to harmful effects of moisture, soil pressure, and groundwater. Products must have special properties that meet these conditions. RAVATHERM XPS T 300 SL products maintain their insulation properties permanently against moisture, soil pressure, groundwater effects, and even constant mechanical loads. All RAHATHERM products produced in the Dow Building Solutions Dilovası facilities are manufactured in accordance with EN 13164 standards and carry the CE mark.

  • HEAT INSULATION-Ravatherm XPS T 200 SL

    HEAT INSULATION-Ravatherm XPS T 200 SL

    Insulation of buildings' floors for heat insulation purposes. It is done to insulate independent parts of the building that are used at different times. In the repair of animal husbandry structures, it is used to preserve the structure. It is used for heat insulation in the floor coverings of buildings. Especially under floor heating systems, priority is given to reducing heat transfer to the lower layers of the structure.


  • Suspension Systems

    Suspension Systems

    Suspension Accessories G Profiles, Mechanical Installation Hangars, and seismic suspension systems in buildings and factories are designed to transport rails, cable channels, cable trays, lighting systems, pipes, ventilation ducts, etc. in reinforced concrete or steel structures. Depending on the weight of the transported system, heavy and lightweight hangers are available. Suspension systems can be manufactured in pre-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, and painted types, with thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm, depending on the hidden type. All hangers requiring welding are manufactured with hot-dip galvanized coating. In addition, special suspension systems and shafts can be provided according to requirements.

  • Extra Heavy Duty Cable Channel

    Extra Heavy Duty Cable Channel

    EXTRA AĞIR TİPLİ KABEL channels are cable carrier systems with the highest load-bearing capacity in their class. EXTRA AĞIR TİPLİ KABEL is designed for high impact resistance and extreme environmental conditions and is also equipped with the most flexible body possible. Its structure has maximized the capabilities of the material used.

  • Heavy Duty Cable Channels

    Heavy Duty Cable Channels

    Cable Channels and Cable Ladders: A cable channel and ladder type made from pre-galvanized, electro-galvanized, or hot-dip galvanized layer materials that will respond to ideal work conditions for closed and open use in commercial or industrial environments with high cable density. In channels with a strong structure to meet the needs of the sectors used; there is a closed structure, bonding options, and a slotted channel structure that facilitates tight cable exits, and stainless steel material requirements are also met in addition to the metal layer material.

  • Cable channel

    Cable channel

    Ventilation systems are systems that perform the most important vital function in enclosed spaces such as shelters, racks, and stairs. Systems designed specifically for your structure are applied by our team


  • Shelter Ventilation

    Shelter Ventilation

    Ventilation systems are the most important life-supporting systems in enclosed spaces such as shelters, fortifications, and bunkers. Systems are designed to suit your structure and applied by our team.

  • Air Conditioning Systems

    Air Conditioning Systems

    Air conditioner is a system designed to reduce the temperature in the environment by using cooling, remove excess humidity, and provide clean air to the surrounding environment. It is designed by our architect and engineering teams through proper analysis and identification of the most suitable model for production.

  • Ventilation Chimney Systems

    Ventilation Chimney Systems

    Systems that help to transfer polluted air outside and/or maintain clean air inside the surrounding environment are called chimney ventilation systems. Therefore, it is extremely important that chimney systems are made up of high-quality materials and systematic components.

  • Ventilation Systems

    Ventilation Systems

    TAR SA HVAC, our primary goal is to increase the comfort of life by improving the performance of fans, aspirators, and other systems, and on the other hand, to reduce economical and exploitative expenses. We manufacture special aspirators and fans for various fields.

  • Air Ducts

    Air Ducts

    Ventilation ducts are very important tools for buildings that transport air. We manufacture ventilation ducts and their insulation, which are the main elements of ventilation systems, and we have a high-level factory that produces all these duct joints.