Cable Trunking and Tray Products

Cable channel

Cable channels and trays: provide durable cable protection. Cable channels are sequentially shaped using the "Roll Forming" method in automatic production lines. The standard channel length is 3 m. It can be produced up to 6 m if needed.

Cable channel: supports and protects cables, connection cables, and wires. It helps to expand, properly install, and reconfigure the cable line.

Heavy Duty Cable Trays and Channels

Cable trays and channels: A type of cable tray and cable channel made of pre-galvanized, electro-galvanized, or hot-dip galvanized sheet material with high cable thickness, designed to meet the ideal working conditions for closed and open use, used in commercial and industrial environments. Channels with a strong structure to meet the needs of the sectors used; the closed structure, sticking options to each other, integrated channel structure that facilitates frequent cable outlet and stainless steel material requirements are also met. Cable trays and cable channels are produced in a standard length of 3 meters, but can also be produced up to 6 meters if desired, using fully automatic lines with the "Roll Forming" method. Cable channels are more complex in structure and made using a robot welding system.

EXTRA Heavy Duty Cable Tray

Extra Heavy Duty Cable Trays: They are the cable carrying system with the highest load carrying capacity in their class. The extra heavy duty cable is designed for high impact resistance and extreme environmental conditions, while also being equipped with the lightest possible body. Its structure maximizes the possibilities of the materials used.

G profiles are mechanical mounting suspensions designed for seismic suspension systems in buildings and factories; they are used to carry systems such as rails, cable channels, cable hangers, lighting systems, pipes, ventilation ducts, etc. for reinforced concrete or steel structures. Depending on the weight of the system to be carried, there are heavy and light suspensions.

Suspension systems can be produced in pre-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized and painted varieties, with a thickness of covering material ranging from 2 mm to 6 mm. All suspensions requiring welding are produced with hot-dip galvanizing. In addition, special suspension systems and shaft suspensions can be designed and solutions can be produced to meet the needs of construction sites.